5 of the Coolest Gadgets for Assistive Technology in 2021!
23 November 2021

5 of the Coolest Gadgets for Assistive Technology in 2021!

So, what is assistive technology anyway? Regardless of the size of the device, assistive technology is anything that helps a person complete everyday tasks that they may struggle with due to having a disability. This includes hearing aids, wheelchairs, walkers, or even lift and recline chairs. If you think assistive technology sounds boring then it’s time for a reset because these new high-tech inventions are blowing reviewers minds! Let’s take a look at what’s new on the market for 2021.

1.  Quingo Flyte Self Loading Mobility Scooter

This incredible scooter loads itself into the back of your car! No need for any permanent modifications; simply fold down your cars back seat to install the docking station. Once installed, fold down the scooters seat and tiller, then use the scooters remote control conveniently located in the boot, to drive the scooter up the ramp and into your car. For further info check it out here. Or watch the Quingo Flyte in action here.

2.  The Dot Braille Smartwatch

This incredible watch offers the visually impaired access to a lot more features than what a regular iphone can offer. Though an iphone can read a text back to you, it can’t allow you to read a text yourself and unfortunately there are many smartphone features that don’t cater to the blind. The Dot Braille Smartwatch allows you to read and send a text, it also utilises an inbuilt braille heart rate monitor, sleep tracker, step count, stop watch, timer, and alarm.

3.  Chord Assist

Combine a micro-computer, braille keys, LCD screen, a tiny speaker and a guitar and you have a unique instrument that allows those with disabilities to jam like a rock star! Joe Birch, the inventor of Chord Assist suffers from a rare, genetic eye disorder that causes continuous loss of vision, known as retinitis pigmentosa. Joe combined his software and technical skills with his love of music to help those who are deaf, blind or mute to learn to play the guitar. This technology was so innovative that Joe and Google now work together on the project. To learn more about Chord Assist watch here.

4.  Y-Brush

For those with disabilities, even standing in one spot and trying to reach every tooth morning and night can be a challenge. This unique device, created by dentists, uses flexible brushes to gently clean your whole mouth in just ten seconds. Only simple movements of the hand are required and it’s adaptable to any shape jaw. This exciting technology uses gentle sonic vibrations to remove plaque thanks to its nylon filaments.

5.  Phoenix Medical Exoskeleton

Last but not least is the Phoenix Exoskeleton. Previous attempts by researchers at creating devices to assist those with limited to no use in their legs have always required the wearer to use the rest of their body to do the work. This means the wearer would need to use upper body strength to move the prostheses, requiring far too much energy and tiring them out quickly.   

The Phoenix Medical Exoskeleton, however, allows those suffering from paralysis to walk completely independent for an extended period of time. On a single charge, this lightweight, modular device offers up to eight hours of walking time. Though the exoskeleton is still being developed and improved, it’s already started changing the lives of its first users. Anyone who embraces this technology in the future can have their life forever changed in ways they never imagined.

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