Scooters & Electric Wheelchairs

We stock an extensive range of mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs from the industry's most reputable brands, including Solax, Luggie, E-Traveller, Supascoota and more. Some of the most popular models in our range include lightweight travel scooters, modern automatic folding scooters and joystick-controlled electric wheelchairs.

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  1. Luggie 4-Wheel Super Deluxe
    Luggie 4-Wheel Super Deluxe


    Great Stability & comfort

    As low as $6,190.00
  2. Luggie Super Plus
    Luggie Super Plus


    High level of comfort

    As low as $5,890.00
  3. Luggie 4-Wheel Elite Deluxe
    Luggie 4-Wheel Elite Deluxe


    Better stability

    As low as $5,540.00 Regular Price $5,790.00
  4. Luggie Super
    Luggie Super


    163kg weight capacity

    As low as $5,490.00
  5. Luggie Elite Plus
    Luggie Elite Plus


    Maximum comfort & Safety

    As low as $5,490.00
  6. E-Traveller 180 Flex
    E-Traveller 180 Flex


    Easy folding

    As low as $4,900.00
  7. E-Traveller 180 Ergo
    E-Traveller 180 Ergo


    Ergonomic backrest

    As low as $4,900.00
  8. Luggie Elite
    Luggie Elite


    145kg weight capacity

    As low as $4,890.00
  9. Supascoota Sumo Sport
    Supascoota Sumo Sport


    200kg weight capacity

    Out of Stock
  10. SupaScoota SupaLite Four
    SupaScoota SupaLite Four


    Incredibly light at just 21.1kg

    Out of Stock
  11. Luggie Standard
    Luggie Standard


    Affordable with Lithium Battery

    As low as $4,190.00
  12. Solax Charge
    Solax Charge


    USB Phone Charging

    As low as $3,999.00

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