Scooters & Electric Wheelchairs

We stock an extensive range of mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs from the industry's most reputable brands, including Solax, Luggie, E-Traveller, Supascoota and more. Some of the most popular models in our range include lightweight travel scooters, modern automatic folding scooters and joystick-controlled electric wheelchairs.

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  1. Luggie 4-Wheel Super Deluxe
    Luggie 4-Wheel Super Deluxe


    Great Stability & comfort

    As low as $6,190.00
  2. Luggie Super Plus
    Luggie Super Plus


    High level of comfort

    As low as $5,890.00
  3. Luggie 4-Wheel Elite Deluxe
    Luggie 4-Wheel Elite Deluxe


    Better stability

    As low as $5,540.00 Regular Price $5,790.00
  4. Luggie Super
    Luggie Super


    163kg weight capacity

    As low as $5,490.00
  5. Luggie Elite Plus
    Luggie Elite Plus


    Maximum comfort & Safety

    As low as $5,490.00
  6. Luggie Elite
    Luggie Elite


    145kg weight capacity

    As low as $4,890.00
  7. SupaScoota Safari Sport
    SupaScoota Safari Sport


    Comfortable and Portable

    Out of Stock
  8. Supascoota Sumo Sport
    Supascoota Sumo Sport


    200kg weight capacity

    As low as $4,290.00 Regular Price $4,500.00
  9. Solax Charge
    Solax Charge


    USB Phone Charging

    As low as $4,200.00
  10. SupaScoota SupaLite Four
    SupaScoota SupaLite Four


    Incredibly light at just 21.1kg

  11. Luggie Standard
    Luggie Standard


    Affordable with Lithium Battery

    As low as $4,190.00
  12. Solax Transformer Soft-Tail
    Solax Transformer Soft-Tail


    Automatic folding with rear suspension

    As low as $3,990.00 Regular Price $4,990.00

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