Mobility Aids

MobilizeMe offers a range Mobility Walkers and Walking Aids, based in Perth, Western Australia. Our range of Walking Aids are a great low budget option compared to mobility scooters. Our range includes lightweight Mobility Walkers and easy to fold up travel Walking Aids that you can easily lift into your car before you head down to your local shopping centre, park or holiday overseas. Some of our lightweight mobility walking aid equipment also functions as a seat. These wheelchair walkers are particularly handy when you are in need of some rest and relief when out shopping with your walking aid.

Walking Aid equipment may be required for a short term period, following an injury or in the longer term to aid with balance and ambulation. Whatever the reason, MobilizeMe can provide you with the walking aid or mobility walker that you require to get you back onto, or keep you on your feet. Our highly knowledgeable Perth-based team can assist with helping you choose the best mobility walking aid or wheeled walker option for your needs.

And we do ship Australia wide, so let our team know what we can help with, no matter your location within Australia, we can get the perfect mobility walker to you.

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  1. Evo Elite
    Evo Elite


    Electric, multi-tasking, comfortable

    As low as $2,151.00 Regular Price $2,390.00
  2. E-Traveller Evo
    E-Traveller Evo


    A Hybrid Rollator & E-Wheelchair

    As low as $1,971.00 Regular Price $2,190.00
  3. UNBOXED EVO Tall Grey
    UNBOXED EVO Tall Grey


    Hybrid Walker & Wheelchair

    Special Price $1,680.00 Regular Price $1,950.00
  4. Evo Walk
    Evo Walk


    Cutting-edge electric rollator

    Special Price $1,611.00 Regular Price $1,790.00
  5. Easy Roller Deluxe
    Easy Roller Deluxe


    Includes cup and walking stick holder

  6. Hi-Roller Rollator
    Hi-Roller Rollator


    Lightweight aluminium frame

    Special Price $349.00 Regular Price $390.00
  7. Recover Knee Walker
    Recover Knee Walker


    Contoured knee cushion

    Special Price $306.00 Regular Price $340.00
  8. The Solid Rollator
    The Solid Rollator


    Solid aluminium frame

    Special Price $245.00 Regular Price $275.00
  9. Aqua Boost Shower Chair
    Aqua Boost Shower Chair


    Height adjustable

    Special Price $215.00 Regular Price $240.00
  10. Tallboy Rollator
    Tallboy Rollator


    Adjustable handle up to 830mm

    Special Price $209.00 Regular Price $235.00
    Out of Stock
  11. Triad Rollator
    Triad Rollator


    Tri Frame Rollator

    Special Price $199.00 Regular Price $210.00
    Out of Stock
  12. Avanzo Rollator
    Avanzo Rollator


    Large storage basket

    Special Price $160.00 Regular Price $180.00

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Australian Owned & Operated

Friendly Local Staff