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Because we are Australian owned and operated, we want to reward our fellow Aussies with free shipping nationwide for all orders! For our New Zealand neighbours, all orders over $400 come with free shipping.

While our delivery network reaches far and wide, some regional areas may be a little tricky to get to and may incur additional fees. We don't provide free or discounted shipping to all areas. The below postcodes are not eligible for free shipping:
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Did you know that website purchases are more secure than using your credit card in a retail shop? We accept payments with MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, Stripe and bank transfer. It is these four reputable organisations that we trust, allowing you to buy online with confidence. If you are worried about your personal information, check out our Privacy Terms for additional peace of mind.


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All items purchased through Mobilize Me are covered by a 12-month comprehensive warranty. Warranty covers all aspects of the equipment, including the battery, but excludes consumables such as tyres and brushes. It also excludes all damages due to misuse or accidents. To see all inclusions and exclusions, please click here to view our Warranty Terms and Conditions.


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Australian Owned and Operated

Mobilize Me is proudly Australian owned and operated. This means we operate in an Australian timezone and you will be dealing with Australians on the phone and email. G' day! By purchasing from Mobilize Me, you are supporting the Australian economy and help us create more jobs for Australians. We DON'T outsource any of our services overseas, but we do employ an international team, which means that we may be able to assist you in different languages if English isn't your native language.


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At Mobilize Me, we stand behind the products we sell! We try to offer an extensive amount of product information on our website and through our customer support team, to help you make the right decision. However, we understand that sometimes a product isn't quite right for the user. That's why we offer a 7-Day money-back guarantee for the majority of our product range. If for any reason a Mobilize Me customer is unsatisfied with their purchase, they can contact us before the end of the 7th day since taking delivery and request a refund. There is a minimum return time, and we do ask that all equipment is returned in its original packaging and an unused condition.


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Just like any mechanical equipment, we recommend that you get your mobility device serviced regularly. We have an extensive network of trusted service agents around Australia to ensure that your equipment continues to function smoothly & reliably. If you live in an area where we currently don't have a service network, we will contact local technicians and train them on the product. We will also supply the parts and the advice required to maintain your product. Call out fees may apply if they come to you for the repairs. Simply get in touch with us, and we will connect you with someone in your area.


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Excellent Advice

We understand that purchasing the right equipment can be tricky as everyone has individual needs and requirements. That's why Our friendly support staff is on hand to reply to any of your enquiries that you may have before, during and after you purchase your mobility equipment. If you have any burning questions that you need answered urgently, try viewing our FAQs.


Mobilize Me is an Australian owned and operated online business that is on a mission to provide you with mobility equipment from the worlds leading brands at the lowest prices. Offering a large variety of travel scooters, portable scooters and electric wheelchairs from the industry's most reputable brands (Solax, Luggie, E-Traveller and more), Mobilize Me is your one-stop online shop for all your mobility needs.


Brands We Sell


We currently stock four different models in the Solax mobility scooter family. They are ideal for indoor use at your local shopping centre and will easily handle well-paved footpaths. The main attraction of the Solax range is the auto-fold function that comes standard with many of the models. All you need to do is press a button on the remote, stand back and watch as the scooter will begin to fold itself automatically. This function has rapidly increased the popularity of Solax scooters, especially for enthusiastic travellers.



The Luggie family remains one of the best selling range of folding scooters on the market and is still going strong after building its reliable reputation for over ten years. These high tech German designed scooters offer a lightweight yet sturdy framed scooter that will help you unlock a new sense of freedom and independence. Known for their unique folding methods that allow you to load your Luggie into the boot of your car with ease.



The SupaScoota family are an exceptionally designed range of mobility scooters that are built with durable aluminium chassis and feature easy to use folding mechanisms. One feature that sets this range apart from many other brands is their super-tight turning circles. This increased level of maneuverability is particularly handy if you intend to use your scooter in confined areas, narrow shopping aisles and busy city streets.



If you require a brand of mobility scooters that offers an incredibly smooth drive and deluxe comfort features, we would recommend Kymco. The particular model we stock is the Mini Comfort which is equipped with full front and rear suspension, a comfy well-padded seat and a higher than usual padded backrest that provides exceptional support and promotes sound ergonomics. This model is ideal if you require a more substantial scooter.



We stock three superb electric wheelchair models from the leading E-Traveller brand. An electric wheelchair is an excellent alternative to a mobility scooter. They have an enhanced range of motion, an unmatched tight turning circle and are highly maneuverable in confined areas. They offer an increased weight capacity and larger tyres that are more suited for rougher surfaces.


Free Shipping Australia Wide

Because we are Australian owned and operated, we want to reward our fellow Aussies with free shipping nationwide.


Secure Payments (buy online with confidence)

We accept payments with MasterCard, Visa, PayPal and Afterpay so you can buy online with confidence.


Friendly Support Staff

Our friendly support staff is on hand to reply to any of your enquiries that you may have before, during and after you purchase your mobility equipment.

Australian Owned & Operated

Friendly Local Staff