Automatic Folding scooters

Automatic folding scooters are some of our most popular and best-selling scooters in our entire range. These models can fold up in front of your eyes with the simple push of a button, and the scooter will begin to fold itself into a nice neat package. It's this self-folding feature that makes these Solax scooters ideal for travel and easy storage in the back of your car.

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  1. Solax Charge
    Solax Charge


    USB Phone Charging

    As low as $3,992.00 Regular Price $4,990.00
  2. Solax Transformer Soft-Tail
    Solax Transformer Soft-Tail


    Automatic folding with rear suspension

    As low as $3,992.00 Regular Price $4,990.00
  3. Solax Maleta
    Solax Maleta


    Innovative split-battery design

    As low as $3,900.00 Regular Price $4,990.00

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