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    Do I have to register my mobility scooter or electric wheelchair?

    As of March 2020, Queensland is the only state in Australia that requires the registration of electric mobility equipment that is to be used in public places. For more information regarding registration in Queensland, please refer to https://www.qld.gov.au/transport/registration/register/wheelchair.

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    Can I ride my mobility scooter or electric wheelchair on the road?

    When using mobility equipment, you are classed as a pedestrian by law and all the same rules apply. You are not to drive on the road if there is a footpath available. If there is no footpath available, you are allowed to use the road and adhere to the standard road rules by sticking to the left.

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    Can I get my mobility equipment insured?

    Yes, there are a range of companies that offer insurance for your mobility devices. Mobilize Me is not affiliated with any of these companies and does not sell insurance policies. We are aware of the following insurance providers RACWA (Western Australia), RACV (Victoria), RACQ (Queensland), NRMA (New South Wales), Blue Badge Insurance (nationwide), CGU Insurance (nationwide), SGIO (Western Australia) and Territory Insurance Office (Nothern Territory).

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    Will my product arrive fully assembled?

    All products supplied by Mobilize Me will arrive in their original packaging, and some assembly will be required. All products requiring assembly will come with instructions. For further assistance on how to assemble your product, you can view our assembly instruction videos. For additional guidance, reach out to our support team.

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    Are you NDIS registered?

    Yes, we are. However, most NDIS applications require OT approval justifications through trials. If you require a trial, please refer to the FAQ 'Am I able to test ride/trial a product?'

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    Am I able to test ride/trial a product?

    While Mobilize Me does not have a physical location, we work closely with a network of trusted stores who carry our product range and will accommodate trials and test rides. Please contact these stores directly to enquire about availability and book a trial. Ensure that you mention Mobilize Me and they will match our online price. Please click here to view our trusted stores.

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    How do I access to servicing and parts?

    We have an extensive network of trusted service agents around Australia to ensure that your equipment continues to function smoothly & reliably. Simply get in touch with us, and we will connect you with someone in your area.

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    Can I travel with my mobility scooter or electric wheelchair?

    Yes, and it's free!. All portable and travel scooters available through Mobilize Me are well-suited for air travel and come with tested and certified batteries. For information on best practices, read our travel blog here.

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    Are scooters and wheelchairs TSA approved?

    Yes, our mobility equipment is TSA (Transportation Security Administration) approved and models with lithium batteries are certified plane-safe.

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    What pressure should I pump my tyres to?

    You can locate the maximum inflation pressure on the side of every tyre. So if it says 32 psi, the recommended pressure would be between 26 and 30 psi.

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