Electric Wheelchairs

Electric wheelchairs have seen a spike in popularity as of late due to their exceptional maneuverability. Although mobility scooters are a great product, you will find that electric power chairs will out-perform them in several different categories. They offer an extensive range of motion and an unmatched tight turning circle. And not only do they provide more versatility than mobility scooters, but they also present a more comfortable alternative.

We stock three excellent electric wheelchairs from the leading E-Traveller brand. The 120, 180 and 180 Wide are all equipped with the smart joystick controller that is conveniently fitted on the arm of your chair. This allows for a more natural style of driving and helps alleviate the strain placed on your hands.

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  1. SupaScoota Safari Sport
    SupaScoota Safari Sport


    Comfortable and Portable

    Out of Stock
  2. E-Traveller 180 Ergo
    E-Traveller 180 Ergo


    Ergonomic backrest

    As low as $3,890.00 Regular Price $4,800.00
  3. E-Traveller 180 Flex
    E-Traveller 180 Flex


    Easy folding

    As low as $3,690.00 Regular Price $4,900.00
  4. E-Traveller 120
    E-Traveller 120


    Lightweight easy folding

    As low as $3,300.00 Regular Price $3,990.00
  5. Daily Wheelchair
    Daily Wheelchair


    Manual wheelchair


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What if the joystick is on the opposite armrest to my dominant hand?

No need to stress as the controller can be installed to either armrest to suit both right and left-handed users. Don't worry, we have you lefties covered!

Both of the 180 models feature more substantial 12inch (304mm) puncture-proof tyres that enable you to traverse over more rugged terrain. This is another advantage that wouldn't typically be associated with smaller mobility-scooters. With the E-Traveller range, there are several customisable features and a wide variety of optional extras:

  • We can customise the joystick controller to suit your preference whether you be left or right-handed
  • Choice of different cushions heights or you can even keep your existing seat-cushion
  • Adjustable Headrest that provides added neck support
  • A Travel Cover that still allows you to roll your wheelchair when folded
  • LED Torch Holder that can assist when driving in darker situations
  • Phone and small tablet holder that attaches to the armrest
  • Elevating Leg Rest that can be handy if your leg is in a cast. Allows for a comfortable resting position
  • Attendant Rear Bracket that enables the joystick controller to be installed on the back of the wheelchair. This allows an attendant to drive safely from behind
  • Umbrella Attachment Arm that can help shelter you from the rain or sun
  • Walking stick/cane holder
  • Portable Hoist to assist you when lifting the wheelchair in and out of the boot of a car


Who does an Electric Wheelchair suit?

An electric wheelchair is a superb alternative to a mobility scooter. They have an enhanced range of motion, an unmatched tight turning circle and are highly maneuverable in confined areas. They offer an increased weight capacity and larger tyres that are more suited for rougher surfaces.

If you are in search of a scooter that is more suitable for outdoor use and has increased comfort features, we recommend taking a look at some of our portable-scooters. Alternatively, if you are looking for a scooter to accompany you on your travels, we would recommend taking a look at our travel-scooter range. These smaller scooters are ideal for confined indoor spaces, narrow cruise ship corridors, shopping centres and airports. We stock the reliable Solax and Luggie brands that offer lightweight and compact options for your travels abroad.