Eight Useful Tips When Buying An Electric Wheelchair Online
13 August 2021

Eight Useful Tips When Buying An Electric Wheelchair Online

Eight Useful Tips When Buying An Electric Wheelchair Online

You can purchase almost everything online nowadays. And as the city-wide lockdowns seem to go on for more extended periods, online shopping is becoming bigger not only in Australia but everywhere in the world. According to Australia Post Inside Australian Online Shopping, the online consumer growth in June 2021 logs at 4.7% compared to 2020 and 11% higher than May 2021.

From food and grocery items, clothing and shoes, cosmetics, electronics and gadgets, did you know that even things like mobility equipment like travel scooters and electric wheelchairs can be purchased online? Here are tips when buying an electric wheelchair or powerchair online:

Know Your Source

When purchasing online, it’s always the first thing you have to do. Check the integrity of the website if it’s reputable or not. One tip to always keep in mind is to look at the website’s URL. Visit the website and check if the address bar’s on the left side of the webpage and see if it has the lock icon and the HTTPS. It means that the website you’re browsing is secured, but that isn’t enough.

Keep An Eye On Payment Security

When you buy online, the payment is also online. Thus, keep an eye on the site’s payment options. Check if the website utilises reputable financial institutions like MasterCard, Visa, PayPal and Afterpay.

Do Your Research

When you buy online, you would not have the chance to test drive your electric wheelchair, so make the most out of the internet and research as much as you can. List down and check out different electric wheelchairs, gather details and compare. Do the elimination process and remove models that would not suit your need. Some of the things to consider are weight capacity, the weight of the wheelchair, batteries, anti-tip mechanism and more.

Consult The Experts

Part of doing your research is talking to experts. You may want to reach out to your occupational therapist to guide you in your selection process. You may also reach out to the people from your intended supplier as they know a lot about the product they sell. If you have friends or colleagues who use an electric wheelchair, don’t be shy to ask them about their personal experience with the product. For sure, they have good recommendations.

Return Policies and Warranties

When you buy a big-ticket item like an electric wheelchair, it is essential to check your supplier’s return policies and warranties. These guarantees are needed if the item you received is defective or may be damaged and may need repair or replacement.

Be On Lookout For Promotions

High-quality products are sometimes expensive, and the cost of your online purchase may go up as customers usually shoulder other fees, including shipping. So always be on the lookout for promotions. Visit your intended online store’s website or social media page and see if they have discount vouchers or free shipping offers.

Check Out Some Accessories Too

Boost the potential of your electric wheelchair with spare parts and accessories. If you still love going out to shop and run errands, you need a bag or a basket for your valuable belongings. You may also opt for a spare battery, a headrest, phone holder, bottle holder and even a storage cover.

After-Sale Care

Electric wheelchairs are used long term so also check if your intended supplier offers after-sale service. This service will ensure the longevity of your electric wheelchair.

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