Five Innovations We Currently See On Mobility Equipment
27 October 2021

Five Innovations We Currently See On Mobility Equipment

Five Innovations We Currently See On Mobility Equipment

Today, mobility aids like travel scooters and wheelchairs are evolving and undergoing a number of innovations. The likes of the Solax Charge, which is an automatic folding scooter powered by lithium batteries, and the self-loading scooter Quingo Flyte are only a few examples of modernisation. They say change is constant, so we expect nothing more than innovations in the near future.

Here are some of the remarkable changes that these mobility scooters and wheelchairs have gone through the years:

Anti-Tip Mechanism

Most mobility aids nowadays have an anti-tip mechanism that ensures the safety of users when driving up inclines and hills. Scooters and wheelchairs that currently are equipped with this anti-tip mechanism include the Kymco Mini Comfort, the Luggie range and even the E-Traveller 180 Ergo.

Electric-Powered Mobility Equipment

With this feature, no need to exert more effort for easy mobility. Electric-powered mobility equipment comes with batteries that you can recharge. That means that you don’t need to spend money on fuel, and it does not emit toxic gasses, which is good for the environment. The E-Traveller 180 Ergo is an electric wheelchair that is powered by a removable and rechargeable battery. An innovative feature, indeed!

Automatic Folding Mechanism

The easy folding mechanism is one of the most remarkable developments for mobility scooters. With a push of a button, your scooter folds and unfolds neatly right before your eyes. This mechanism makes travel hassle-free and storage easy-peasy. Some scooters that boast this unique function are those from the Solax brand, including the Maleta, Charge and Transformer models.

Digital Dashboards

Even the digitalisation of a scooter dashboard makes a tremendous difference. With a digital dashboard, you can check on your speed, trip distance and battery life. Furthermore, having the capability to plug in and charge your smartphone via the USB port is handy, especially when you travel and use navigation apps. The Solax Charge is one of the scooters that possess these features.

Self-Loading Capability

Some people struggle with lifting the scooter into the boot of their car. However, one of the best innovations in mobility equipment is the self-loading function. The Quingo Flyte, a 5-wheel scooter, has this self-loading ability and comes with an easy to install ramp system that fits in the boot of most hatchbacks and SUVs.

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