Four Things You Need To Know About Warranty
01 October 2021

Four Things You Need To Know About Warranty

Four Things You Need To Know About Warranty

In the dictionary meaning, the word warranty means a type of guarantee that a manufacturer or similar party makes regarding the product's condition. This word also refers to the terms and situations in which repairs or exchanges will be made if the product does not function as originally described or intended.

Warranties are offered by retailers selling goods that range from electronics, gadgets, appliances, travel scooters, electric wheelchairs and more. But as the product selling dynamics are constantly evolving and transitioning to digital, warranty offers remain a vital component of every product sold. What are the things you need to know about:

Not All Warranties are Created Equal

Not all retailer warranties are the same. Some retailers offer longer terms, lower costs and broader coverage. Furthermore, many businesses are willing to negotiate warranty costs, so never be afraid to ask questions about it.

How Long Do Warranties Last For?

It depends. Some warranties cover 90 days from the time of purchase. Some businesses give a year or two and even as long as ten years. And to avail of this guarantee during the warranty period, you need to keep the receipts and the original packaging of the item, so always keep them safe.

What Does a Warranty Cover?

Most of the product warranties you get may specify the things that the company would cover. Buying an item offline or online covered by a warranty can help ensure your peace of mind. If your purchases don't work as expected, a warranty may allow the purchase to be returned, replaced, or repaired.

Will A Warranty Be Voided?

Yes, warranties can be voided or forfeited. Keep in mind that the companies can only cover certain types of defects or certain kinds of damage. Some actions such as misuse may render a warranty voided or invalid. Such kind of user-induced damages will prevent you from returning a broken product. Thus, reading and thoroughly understanding how warranties are created and operated will help you know when to return a product for damage or defect.

Frequently Asked Questions About MobilizeMe's Warranty:

1. Do MobilizeMe's Products Come With Warranty? Yes, they do. A 12-month warranty covers the products sold on And to keep the warranty, it is advised to keep the original packaging during the warranty period in the unlikely case you need to send your product back. For more info, read Mobilize Me's warranties and returns:

2. How long is the warranty on my product? Mobilize Me's products are covered by a 12-month comprehensive warranty, excluding consumables such as tyres, brushes, and potentiometers.

3. If I have a warranty claim and need to return my item, who pays for the postage cost? All costs associated with a return are the purchaser's responsibility, and if it is deemed a warranty issue, the repaired goods will be of Mobilize Me's cost.


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