Six Mobility Scooter Accessories for Safety and Convenience
30 June 2021

Six Mobility Scooter Accessories for Safety and Convenience


Six Mobility Scooter Accessories for Safety and Convenience

Your mobility scooter on its own is already great. Aside from being electric-powered, some scooters feature a wide array of innovations like auto-folding capabilities, digital dashboards, anti-tip mechanisms and more. These high tech scooters give us a renewed sense of independence, and it makes us more confident, especially when we maximise their full potential by adding some accessories. Here are six accessories to improve the experience of using your mobility scooter:

All-Weather Canopy

The weather can be unpredictable, so if you're the type that loves to get outdoors, you need an all-weather canopy that is foldable and fits a large number of mobility scooters on the market. The Scooterpac All-Weather Canopy comes in standard and XL sizes. It is made from waterproof fabric, with ultra-durable polymer sides and a high-clarity windscreen to protect you from various weather conditions.

Hard Case

When you travel by air, we feel uncertain when other people handle our checked-in baggage. For sure, some of us may have encountered mishandled luggage, and we don't want that to happen to our precious scooter. The good thing is that the Solax Carry Case exists. The hard case fits your scooter perfectly and features light padding on the sides to keep your travel scooter protected. Plus, just like a suitcase, it comes with castor wheels and weighs only around 8.9kg, so you can easily roll it around the airport.

Portable Hoist

Some of us are struggling to carry our mobility scooters, especially when lifting them inside the boot of our car—the Solax portable hoist is here to help. The hoist is designed to assist in safely lifting your mobility scooter in and out of your vehicle. The hoist is electric-powered and weighs a manageable 9.98kg. This accessory is an ideal lightweight accessory that'll help us aid our journey.

Extra Battery

Our scooters are electric-powered, so when their batteries are fully exhausted, you need to charge them right away. When you're fond of the outdoors, and you would typically visit the shops and run errands, it's always good to have an extra battery pack in case of an emergency.

Bags and Baskets

Having a collapsible basket or a rear bag can be handy, especially when you're running around the shops, doing groceries or going to the park. There are a number of storage options depending on the size of your scooter, whether it is a collapsible basket from Solax, a foldable under seat basket from Luggie or a rear bag from Kymco.

Mobility Scooter Storage Cover

When your precious mobility scooter is not in use, it should be appropriately stored to keep it away from elements that may cause damage. Add a layer of protection to your scooter with the help of a functional and high-quality storage cover. You'll also have peace of mind when you park your mobility scooter outdoors because the storage cover will keep it protected from dust, rain, snow or harsh sunlight. It also serves as added protection against the potential of theft or vandalism when parked at the shops.


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