Six Ways To Score Online Promotions and Deals
27 October 2021

Six Ways To Score Online Promotions and Deals

Six Ways To Score Online Promotions and Deals

As the online craze blows out exponentially, we are bombarded with several notifications about monthly flash sales, deals and promotions. If you’re one of those who are crazy about online shopping, you probably know how to take advantage of promotional offers you receive via email or through social media. But for those who are new to online shopping, here are tips that you may want to take note of.

 Mark The Dates

Businesses always align their promotions and sale events with special days. Ensure you mark all the regular and special holidays like Mother’s Day, Grandparent’s Day, the business’ anniversary and others in your calendar. Even the quirky ones like National Pizza Day or even National Caregivers Day are being taken advantage of by brands, particularly on social media. List them all so you won’t miss a thing. 

Follow Their Social Media Accounts

From time to time, brands are announcing new product launches, and promotions are events on their social media platforms. Be always on the loop and follow your favourite brands’ social media accounts. Just take note that liking their page is not enough. Be ahead of everyone else by prioritising the post of your favourite brand by managing your newsfeed. By managing your FB newsfeed, you can choose which posts for your “favourite” page will appear first when you open your app. 

Sign Up For Email Newsletters

This method may be a bit old school, but signing up for an email newsletter still works. There may be social media, but brands are still using email marketing campaigns to send out new product releases, events, and discount promotions. So always check your inbox and never miss out! 

Follow Influencer And Bloggers

One way to check for promos from your favourite brands is to keep an eye on their key opinion leaders or influencers in layman’s terms. Today brands are using the clout of these social media influencers to give insights about their new products and services. They are also tying up to give away promo codes and vouchers that potential customers can use for discounts and special offers. 

Make Sure to Clear Your Browser’s Cache and History 

Some sites use algorithms that ramp up the prices of a particular product or service every time a potential customer views it. So always make sure that you clear your browser’s cache and browsing history before accessing such sites. By doing this trick, you can compare the several prices across the different available options. 

Be On The Lookout For Free Shipping 

There are e-commerce websites/apps that offer price drops on items, but sometimes they do not cover free shipping. Always be on the lookout for such a promotion. For a country like Australia, shipping can be pricey. 

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