The Most Popular Items And Tips When Purchasing Online
27 October 2021

The Most Popular Items And Tips When Purchasing Online

The Most Popular Items And Tips When Purchasing Online

With the onset of the Covid pandemic, many businesses have shifted to digital to continue selling their products and services. According to a report, approximately 200,000 Australians shopped online for the first time in April. This report includes those who haven’t tried eCommerce before. And now, 46% of Australians are buying online more often.

According to Statistica, it is mentioned that almost 51% of Australians have purchased clothing online in the past year. Aside from clothing, people are also buying consumer electronics (30%), shoes (29%), cosmetics (24%), food and drinks (23%), drugstore products (18%) and household appliances (18%).

As we move forward, it is projected that online shopping is here to stay even when the pandemic is over. In fact, even the likes of mobility equipment like travel scooters and powerchairs are available online! We listed some of the most popular items online, along with tips when you buy them online.

Clothing And Shoes

The top item that most Australians purchased in the past year is clothing. When you buy any article of clothing online, it is crucial to check the correct size and measurement. Usually, when we buy online, the size of clothes varies depending on the brand. So always make sure that you look at the size charts to see if the measurements fit you well.

Electronics And Gadgets

There are several things to consider when buying electronics online, and one of them is security. Electronic gadgets are not cheap, and therefore, payment gateways must be safe and secure. Another concern is if you’re buying original or counterfeit. One way to check that is the price. Check out prices on different platforms and compare. When it’s too much of a bargain, it may be too good to be true, so always take caution.

Household Appliance

The tips for electronics and gadgets also apply to household appliances. When buying these items, adding two more things is always check for warranty and know the seller’s return policy. These are essential things that assure you that you are guaranteed to get repairs or exchange when the product does not function as originally described or when your item is damaged.

Cosmetics and Drugstore Products

When it comes to cosmetics, it is vital to know the ingredients they are made from. The same goes with drugstore items, as most of these are taken orally. Always buy from reputable online sellers, and do not skip reading the reviews. These reviews will help you decide to purchase or not to purchase your intended item.

Mobility Equipment

When buying mobility equipment like travel scooters and powerchairs, the tips mentioned above also apply to secure payment options, warranties and return policies. But one piece of information to know is if the supplier of your mobility equipment has promos, wide area coverage and free shipping guarantees.


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