Top 5 Lightweight Scooters
17 August 2020

Top 5 Lightweight Scooters

In this blog post, we'll dive into the top five lightweight mobility scooters on the market. These five scooters offer reliable and no-hassle mobility options that get the tick of approval for ease of use, portability and transportation. Alright, let's get into it.


Brand: Supa Scoota

Weighing in at just 18kg, the Supa Scoota MicroLite is the lightest mobility scooter on the market. This petite 3-wheeler has the ability to dismantle quickly by removing the battery and seat, which further reduces the weight to just 11.9kg. The ideal model for those looking for a mobility scooter that can be easily packed up and transported quickly. View the MicroLite here

Supa Scoota Microlite



SupaLite Four

Brand: Supa Scoota

The big brother of the MicroLite, the SupaLite Four offers a 4-wheeled option of the famous Supa Scoota pull-apart design. Weighing in at just 23kg, but featuring the ability to dismantle down to a further 14.8kg after removing the seat and battery. The four wheels offer added stability and a more robust frame allows for an increased carrying weight capacity of 120kg. View the Supalite Four here

 Supa Scoota Supalite four


Genie Plus

Brand: Solax

The Solax Genie Plus is one of the most popular travel scooters on the market. One thing that sets this model apart from the others on this list is that the Genie features an automatic folding function. Simply press a button on the remote control and watch as the Genie folds itself into a suitcase-sized package. Once the Genie is folded, it weighs a manageable 27kg and is ready to put in the back of your car. It really is the perfect no-hassle travel scooter. View the Genie Plus here

 Solax Genie Plus


The Standard

Brand: Luggie

The Luggie Standard offers a lightweight travel scooter option that ticks all the boxes when it comes to weight, portability and durability. Featuring a unique 'surfboard' style fold that allows you to lean and load this model into the boot of your car makes it ideal for transportation. After removing the battery, the Standard weighs just 23.5kg and utilising the lean and load technique further reduces the lift weight in half. View the lean and load technique here

 Luggie Standard



Brand: E-Traveller

The Pursuit is the newest model on this list and the brand new offering from E-Traveller. A hybrid pull-apart and manual folding mobility scooter, the Pursuit has the ability to weigh just 20.9kg after removing the battery and seat. Featuring a long body and footplates, this model is ideal for taller individuals looking for increased legroom. Handy features include three moulded handles for easy lifting, headlights and even a USB port for charging your phone. This modern mobility scooter is packed with well thought out features with transportation and portability being the main focus. View the Pursuit here

E-traveller Pursuit