What Does Your Mobility Aid Say About You?
09 March 2021

What Does Your Mobility Aid Say About You?

What Does Your Mobility Aid Say About You?

Just like choosing a car, picking a mobility scooter is a personal choice and becomes part of your personality and image.

Solax Charge - The Tech Savvy

You're always updated about the newest technology, and you know a lot about the best and the worst gadgets in town. Your friends treat you as their go-to person when it comes to the how-tos of some apps, and thus your iPhone or iPad must be fully charged all the time. If you're this tech-savvy, you want an automatic folding scooter like the Solax Charge. This mobility scooter features a USB charging port that allows you to charge your phone or iPad. Other tech features include automatic folding, headlights, a digital dashboard that displays your speed, trip distance and battery life.View the Solax Charge here

Solax Maleta - The Frequent Flyer

With your passion for travel, you know to pack light as access luggage will only slow you down and make travelling more difficult. You know that every kilo counts and by packing light you will have more room for shopping and souvenirs. The Solax Maleta weighs only 22 kilograms (with batteries) and is one of the most lightweight scooters available in the market. It also features an innovative design topped with an automatic folding mechanism. So if it's a travel companion you need, the Solax Maleta got you covered! View the Solax Maleta here

Kymco Mini Comfort - The Comfort Plus Traveller

For thrillseekers that value comfort. Do you upgrade your seats on plains to include extra features such as extra legroom or lunch? Then upgrade to the Kymco Mini Comfort. This pull-apart type scooter features a padded swivel seat and padded adjustable armrests and has a set of larger solid puncture-proof tyres. It also boasts front and rear suspension for a smoother ride when driving on rough surfaces. Kymco Mini Comfort is the ideal choice for you if you require a mobility scooter that is versatile and portable while also providing you with premium comfort features and a high level of safety. View the Mini Comfort here

Luggie Eco - The Bargain Hunter

Who doesn't love a bargain? Do you walk out of a shop with a big smile on your face because you know you got the best deal possible? If this sounds like you, you would definitely score a deal and a shopping buddy with the Luggie Eco. This manual-folding scooter is made with a highly engineered lightweight alloy frame. It has two front wheels designed closely together to allow tight turning circle turning of only 900mm. This mechanism will enable you to manoeuvre in tight spaces like shopping aisles and even in more confined spaces. The Luggie Eco is a true bang for your buck as it costs significantly less than other Luggie models as it features a lead-acid battery instead of a Lithium battery. View the Luggie Eco here

Supascoota Safari Sport - The Home Buddy with a sense of adventure

When you want to be home, you want to be comfortable. At the same time, you also want to move around your house with ease. As a home buddy, you need mobility aid to navigate tight corridors and walkways easily. But as an adventurer, you need a product that will provide you with comfort, traction, and more accessibility. The SupaScoota Safari Sport will give the best of both worlds. A tight turning circle, an interchangeable joystick controller and padded seat to allow maneuvering in tight spaces and large pneumatic rear tyres and under-seat suspension provide you with maximum traction and comfort when you're out about exploring. View the Safari here

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