Which Luggie Scooter Suits You Best?
01 October 2021

Which Luggie Scooter Suits You Best?

Which Luggie Scooter Suits You Best?

Suppose you’re looking for a manual folding mobility scooter that offers no hassle mobility options that boast ease of use, portability and quality. In that case, one of the scooters in Mobilize Me’s Luggie range is suitable for you! We have compiled some scooter suggestions that you might want to consider when you purchase online:


Scooter Suggestion: Luggie Eco

We all want a bang for our buck, especially if it’s our hard-earned money. For those looking for a mobility scooter that’s available online with a cheaper price tag, the Luggie Eco is the ideal model for you. This model is made with a highly engineered lightweight alloy frame and powered by an industry-accepted sealed lead-acid battery (SLA). The Luggie Eco has a range of up to 15-20 kilometres, which is excellent for an entry-level mobility scooter.

Great Maneuverability

Scooter Suggestion: Luggie Standard

When you’re the kind of person who does a lot of groceries, shopping and running errands, you want a mobility scooter that can maneuver even in the tightest aisles and pathways. From home use to the halls of your favourite shop, you can always rely on the Luggie Standard. This incredibly lightweight scooter features an alloy frame chassis and is powered by plane-safe lithium batteries. This mobility scooter also has a sturdy and stable design with high maneuverability for indoor use and confined spaces.

Higher Weight Capacity

Scooter Suggestion: Luggie Super

Packed with a larger seat, padded armrests, puncture-proof tyres and rear anti-tip wheels, what’s super about the Luggie Super is its weight capacity of 160kgs. This heavy-duty mobility scooter boasts a broader base to allow increased legroom. And that means that anyone riding the Luggie Super will indeed have a comfortable ride.

Safety and Stability

Scooter Suggestion: Luggie 4-Wheel Elite Deluxe

Excellent stability and superb security come your way in the form of the Luggie 4-Wheel Elite Deluxe. This superior model is a specially engineered scooter designed with front suspension and introduces a set of wider-spaced front wheels for those who want heightened stability. It is also equipped with G-Sensor smart cornering assist technology that automatically reduces your speed when turning corners.

Travel Companion

Scooter Suggestion: Luggie Elite

Having a scooter that folds like a suitcase and can travel long distances is handy when using it on your travels. It is a killer combo that the Luggie Elite ticks. This ergonomic model combines the power of portability, easy lifting and comfort. This scooter is powered by a larger 10.5ah plane-safe lithium battery, allowing an extended range of up to 15-25 kilometres.

So Extra

Scooter Suggestion: Luggie 4-wheel Super Deluxe

With a weight capacity of 160 kilograms, wide track front wheels, impressive capabilities and a more powerful 150W motor, the Luggie 4-wheel Super Deluxe is truly so special! What’s good about this mobility scooter is it comes with a zip-up carry bag that is standard with this model and is conveniently located underneath the seat for easy access to your items. The Luggie4-Wheel Super Deluxe also comes in two different eye-catching colours.

Superb Comfort

Scooter Suggestions: Luggie Elite Plus and Luggie Super Plus

With the addition of the Omni Shock Suspension to the front wheels, the Luggie Elite Plus or the Luggie Super Plus will take you places in a safe, smooth and more comfortable manner. Both scooters feature a set of chunky pneumatic rear tyres that enhance the grip and traction on whatever surface you are driving on. They also provide that extra layer of cushion. This fantastic mechanism will absorb the bumps and uneven surfaces you plan to travel on, whether on the cobblestone roads, dirt paths, or pathways down at your local park.

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