Which SupaScoota Mobility Scooter Suits Your Needs?
27 October 2021

Which SupaScoota Mobility Scooter Suits Your Needs?

Which SupaScoota Mobility Scooter Suits Your Needs?

For those looking for a mobility scooter, there are several things that one has to consider. Among the items within that checklist are the scooter's weight, excellent maneuverability and easy portability. If you have ticked these qualities on your checklist and have them on top of your non-negotiables, a scooter in the SupaScoota Range from Mobillize Me might be the one for you.

The SupaScoota range is created for superior comfort and fantastic manoeuvrability. This set of incredibly lightweight scooters can help make your everyday experience smooth and easy. This Australian-made brand is considered the world's lightest mobility scooter is now equipped with electronic stability control for your peace of mind. This range has been designed with functionality and fantastic performance in mind, making the SupaScoota an appealing choice. What are the SupaScoota Scooter models that suit your needs? Here are our suggestions:

Great Stability

Scooter Suggestion: SupaScoota Supalite Four

The SupaScoota Supalite Four is designed with a four-wheel configuration and an Electronic Stability System for an excellent turning circle that suits the indoors and well-paved outdoor paths well. For increased safety, this scooter automatically slows down when turning, minimising the risk of tipping. The SupaScoota Supalite Four is incredibly lightweight at just 21kg.

Exceptional Maneuvrability

Scooter Suggestion: SupaScoota Supalite

The SupaScoota Supalite is another lightweight scooter that promises exceptional maneuverability. It weighs in at just 20.4kg, and you can even further reduce the weight to a super-light 13.6kg by removing the chair and battery. It is powered by plane-safe lithium batteries and features an innovative electromagnetic braking system that makes driving this scooter safe and smooth. The SupaScoota Supalite boasts an exceptional turning radius of just 860mm, which is excellent when maneuvering in confined spaces like supermarkets with tight aisles.

Ultra-Light And Easy

Scooter Suggestion: SupaScoota Microlite

When you're the type of person who's always on the go, you want a scooter that will take you places without having to exert too much effort when it comes to transport. If you're looking for a scooter that is ultra-light and easy to dismantle, you need the SupaScoota Microlite. The SupaScoota Microlite weighs only 18 kilograms, but when you remove the batteries and the seat, it weighs just 11.9 kg. When it's completely folded, this scooter becomes a neat and manageable package that measures 930 x 500 x 330 making it easier to store and transfer into the boot of your vehicle.

Higher Weight Capacity

Scooter Suggestion: SupaScoota Sumo Sport

With a robust and sturdy aluminium frame, the SupaScoota Sumo Sport can handle a weight capacity of up to 200 kilograms. This model features under-seat suspension, cruise control and a set of extra chunky pneumatic tyres. It is also powered by plane-safe lithium batteries and features an electronic stability control system for safe turning. For superior comfort, the SupaScoota Sumo Sport has a large padded seat, adjustable armrests and a basket located on the tiller.

Ideal For Outdoor Adventure

Scooter Suggestion: SupaScoota HD XL

If you're the type of person who loves the outdoors and a little adventure, you may opt for a chunkier mobility scooter in the form of the SupaScoota HD XL. This powerful scooter gives you the freedom to traverse in hilly and rougher terrains. It is equipped with chunky pneumatic tyres and under-seat suspension that offers additional comfort when taking on more uneven surfaces. So when you want a four-wheeled mobility scooter that can give you an agile performance while keeping you safe and steady, the SupaScoota HD XL is an ideal choice.

Have you made a choice yet? Visit and compare the models from the SupaScoota range to help you decide.

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