Why You Should Get Your Mobility Equipment Online At Mobilize Me
03 February 2021

Why You Should Get Your Mobility Equipment Online At Mobilize Me

Why Should You Get Your Mobility Equipment Online At Mobilize Me?

If you are looking for mobility equipment like travel scooters, electric wheelchairs, rollators and accessories online, you have to get it from a trusted and reliable source. With so many options and deals available, it is tough to decide. As consumers, we know that you want maximum value for your money. This includes reliable, high-quality products and excellent customer service, all of which you can find at

Who are Mobilize Me?

Mobilize Me is an e-commerce website or online store that sells smaller travel/portable powered mobility equipment such as scooters and electric wheelchairs as well as everyday mobility aids, such as Rollatora, Walkers, Manual Wheelchairs and more From the top of the line automatic folding scooters, to budget-friendly everyday aids, Mobilize Me got you covered with free shipping for orders over $200 Australia wide!

Why Mobilize Me?

1. High-quality Products

When you look for something online, you look for reputable brand names. Mobilize Me carries only the trusted name in the industry:
a. Solax - the Solax brand is famous for its line of mobility scooters. Some of the models that are available on Mobilize Me are Charge, Mobie and Genie.
b. Luggie - these German designed scooters are the best selling range of folding scooters on the market.
c. SupaScoota - this range of exceptional scooters are durable and easy to use.
d. Kymco - this brand offers an incredibly smooth drive and deluxe comfort features.
e. E-Traveller - this is the leading brand in electric wheelchairs.

2. Payment Security

If there is one thing that we need to be cautious about when we go online, it is securing our finances. The internet may give us the comfort of paying bills and buying products in a few taps, but sadly there may be a few unsafe spaces that you need to avoid. Go for an online store that has secure payment options like We accept payments through these reliable financial institutions like MasterCard, Visa, PayPal and Afterpay so you can buy online with confidence and without fear.

3. Comprehensive Warranty

Warranty for the big-ticket items scooters and wheelchairs that you bought online matters. The good thing about buying one from Mobilize Me is that all items come with a 12-month warranty covering all aspects of the equipment, including the battery. For more info about the warranty, go to Mobilize Me’s Warranty Terms and Conditions.

4. Free Shipping

One of the factors online shopping consider before they “add to cart” is free shipping. Mobilize Me offers not only free shipping but free shipping across Australia!. Isn’t that a great deal?

5. Access to Parts, Services and Repairs

just like cars and motorcycles, mobility equipment greatly benefit from regular check-ups and servicing. Mobilize Me’s excellent service doesn’t end when you received your scooter or when your warranty expires. We have an extensive network of trusted service agents around Australia to ensure that your equipment continues to function smoothly.

Stocking only reputable, established brands, we can guarantee access to accessories and replacement parts if required, ensuring you can continue to use your mobility product safely for as long as possible.

When choosing the right online store for you, go to We are Australian owned and operated, and we guarantee great customer service in every transaction.